Ana Hribar Lemovec - First step

Objavljeno: 23.04.2021
Ana Hribar Lemovec graduated in 2019 and two years later received her master's degree in graphics in art pedagogy from the Faculty of Education in Ljubljana. In her first solo exhibition, she presents a graphic work in which she tirelessly develops the idea of ​​her own portrait. The face ...

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Katja Kovše – Bits and Bobs

Objavljeno: 12.03.2021
Katja Kovše is an art pedagogue who is interested in various art fields, the most prominent of which is comics. She is interested in graphic techniques, with which she likes to experiment, and she also loves painting and collage. In 2019, she completed a master's degree in art pedagogy at the ...

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Polona Lovšin - Illustrations

Objavljeno: 20.04.2020
In 2020, we present the illustrator Polona Lovšin (1973) in two locations, in her home town Trzin, where the author's work will be presented with exhibition and at the View Gallery in Kamnik, where the author's original illustrations and book editions of picture books will be displayed. A ...

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