History of View Gallery

The View Gallery was opened in 2016 on the first floor of the Miha Maleš Gallery. It is an exhibition place intended for contemporary art production, and opens its doors every year to a student proposed by the Faculty of Education (University of Ljubljana) or the Academy Of Fine Arts and Design (University of Ljubljana). Thus we offer young artists who are only just starting their career an open door to the world of art, and through an exhibition their own exposure. The View Gallery council chooses on the basis of tender a few more contemporary artists who present themselves annually in our gallery. 

They are not bound to any technique nor orientation; they are creating today and through their work enrich the local and also the wider Slovene environment. Therefore amongst others already exhibited – sculptress and graphic print artist Nina Koželj, painter and restorer Matevž Sterle, visual artist Arven Šakti Szomi Kralj, graphic print artist Oliver Pilić,  painter Barbara Demšar, illustrator Kiki Klimt, young graphic print artist Alja Košar. There are many others to come in future exhibition seasons.