Magnet - majolika

A magnet with recognizable motif and in the technique of Kamniška majolika.

Manual work, KUD House of ceramics – why not majolka.

Cena: 2,5 €

Incredible mountains

Published by six museums from Gorenjska region, May 2019, 55 pages.

Guide to the Gorenjska museum-mountain transversal, in which you will collect stamps of six museums and 23 conquered peaks or homes and enter the passwords, and, of course, you will learn many things about the natural and cultural heritage of our mountains. At the end you will receive one of the attractive prizes.

Cena: 5 €


Cena: 8 -15 €

Incredible mountains - a magnet

A magnet with the image of a mountain marker and a sign of the Incredible Mountain project

Cena: 2,5 €

Incredible mountains - herbal tea

Domestic herbal tea from Grilc Farm from Šenturška gora, 30 gr

Cena: 5 €

Portrait of the slovenian General Rudolf Maister

The original woodcutter of the Kamnik artist Dušan Sterle.

Cena: 14,30 €

Costums over the centuries

Drawing: Andreja Peklar
Composition and coloring matter. How were they dressed Roman soldiers and Romans, medieval knights and noblemen, citizens and bourgeois. Color your clothes according to your wishes.

Cena: 2 €

A bourgeois garden pavilion

Drawing: Andreja Peklar
Composition and coloring of the bestknown garden pavilion, which still stands in the courtyard of the Exlar villa in Kamnik.

Cena: 1 €

Magnet Kamn'ček

Maskot of a different guide through permanent exhibitions of the Inter-municipal Museum Kamnik. Made from natural pebbles from the Kamniška Bistrica river. Designed by Polona Matek.

Cena: 2,5 €

Straw hats

Women’s and men’s straw hats, handmade products of Domžale craftsmanship.

Cena: 28 €