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The unique location and well-preserved building of Zaprice Castle offers great opportunities to make something special of any personal holiday, business or festive event. The castle premises are suitable for conferences, seminars, celebrations, weddings, business events and protocol receptions and concerts. An event in the Inter-municipal Museum of Kamnik can include visits to the castle and the museum exhibitions, and shopping at the Museum Shop.

On a small hill above medieval Kamnik, there is one of the rarest well-preserved castles in the Kamnik region – Zaprice Castle. In 1550 its then owner, Jurij Lamberg, destroyed the tower and built a new castle in its place, as could be seen in Janez Vajkard Valvasor’s ‘Slava vojvodine Kranjske’ by the end of the 17th century. The castle acquired its present appearance not earlier than in late Baroque. The older, Gothic-Renaissance elements are also preserved and can be seen on its exterior, in the ground floor and in the castle salon on the second floor. As we walk through the castle premises, the Museum collection conjures up the rich Kamnik history, from the town’s foundation to the present day, thus giving a special charm to all the organised special events and occasions.

The romantic environment of the castle and the eminent castle salon on the second floor are perfect for personal holidays, and for other special business and festive events. The excellent acoustics of the salon provide the possibility of organising high quality concerts for smaller ensembles.

The salon in the second floor of the castle is available to rent, and seats 80. It was renovated a few years ago, at the time when the Baroque and historic paintings from the end of the 19th century were renovated. Events with a bit of a country flavour could be organised in front of the castle, on a meadow with wooden, straw-thatched granaries from the 18th and 19th centuries.

On hot summer days, special events can also be organised on the meadows around the castle (offering a great view over the old town), in the castle yard or in the neatly arranged arcades with lapidary.

Contact person:
Zora Torkar, Director
Phone: 01 8317 662

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