Katja Kovše – Bits and Bobs

Published: 12.03.2021

Katja Kovše is an art pedagogue who is interested in various art fields, the most prominent of which is comics. She is interested in graphic techniques, with which she likes to experiment, and she also loves painting and collage. In 2019, she completed a master’s degree in art pedagogy at the Faculty of Education, University of Ljubljana, and in the same year she also received the Prešeren Student Award. She currently teaches at the 1st gymnasium in Celje, and also collaborates with the Umbra art school, where she also teaches fine arts.

She writes about her work: “The figure as a self-portrait and the experience of the body in the rhythm of everyday life left my character for a while. He is still interested in the body and everyday life, but now he appears in short “bits and bobs” situations with a humorous twist. Previously fragile figures become rudimentary, but I focus on a larger format. As I am mainly interested in graphics in terms of cheap techniques without a press, I again used Frelih’s styrofoam in the style of “arte povera”, which I combined with the laws of comics. ”

She has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions, at home and abroad.