Products of factory Svilanit Svila d.o.o., Kamnik

The Slovenian brand Svilanit, which dates back to 1938, represents high-quality products from the home textile program(towels with bobbin lace, kitchen cloths) and fashion accessories, ties and tassels.

Products Svilanit Svila d.o.o. Kamnik.

Price: from 2,34 to 28,16 €

Candlesticks of the Stele family

The beginnings of the Stele candlestick in Kamnik date back to 1701. Waxed cast figures and candles are presented, which are made according to the proposals of the Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik. The specialty of the candle is that they are decorated with cast waxes, which were made using old wooden designs for small breads. Other candles are hand-painted according to selected Plecnik’s motifs. Both colors and solvents are of natural origin and of course all handmade. In addition to a candle, a candle holder can be added to the set.

Made by Pax Svečarna Stele d.o.o., Kamnik.

Price: from 5,20 to 89,23 €

Wooden toys

Wooden puzzles and toys are part of the rich Slovenian folk creativity. Each is composed from six pieces, of which only one is different.

Made by Tomaž Mole.

Price: from 9,90 to 15,00 €

Model for Potica, bowls

Forms of traditional folk pottery products, which have a long tradition in Kamnik and its surroundings in harmony with the creativity of the author.

Made by Barba Štemberger Zupan, Zavod V-oglje, Šenčur

Price: from 6,50 to 19,50 €

Coin Mint Rudolf Maister

The coin of the Slovenian general and the patron of Rudolf Maister was formulated by academic sculptor Alenka Vidergar. On the front is a portrait of General Maister, to the last Duke’s throne. Silver copper coin in an envelope made of handmade paper and Maister’s verse. Products of the Agency Zorc.

Price: from 16,84 to 18,30 €

Magnet (Kamnik’s mammoth and Veronika)

Magnet with motives of Kamnik’s mammoth and Veronika – half female half-snake, symbol of the town of Kamnik. Clay.

Cena: 3 €

Block - Embrace

Block Miha Maleš, Embrace, 1930, from the MMK collections, a cut-off block, size 10.5 x 15 cm

Cena: 2,5 €

Block - Portrait of a girl

Block Carl Vogel, Portrait of a girl, 1857, from MMK collection, striped block, size 16 x 21 cm

Cena: 3,5 €

Paper cube

Paper cube with the logo and information about Rudolf Maister’s Birthplace.

Cena: 2 €


Keychain with the motif of the Maister’s mustache and the inscription Rudolf Maister Kamnik, plexus, in blue, green, orange and black color.

Cena: 2 €