My museum

Cultural heritage in the museum through fun and real stories of the past and present in word, image and virtually. Get to know the heritage of our ancestors in a different way from prehistory to the present day, have fun and also learn something. Kam’nček will help you with this.

Musuem Stories

A museum object is the heart of every museum. It can be seemingly uninteresting, it can be dazzling and colourful – each of them is invaluable to us, because each of them hides a story about the life of our ancestors.

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Historical Secrets

Stories about Kamnik’s past, semi-past and the present that we all know, about museum objects, artists and works of art, about the people of Kamnik. Short and interesting images of life.

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Tastes through the centuries

Tastes and dishes have changed over the centuries. We do not know recipes from prehistory, but more of them have been abandoned by Roman time. The dishes were seasoned with spices, honey, and even “fragrant” fish sauce. We know recipes for medieval dishes from home-made cereals, such as rye, spelled and sorghum, and legumes such as lentils, chickpeas, and the use of new crops, such as buckwheat, potatoes, etc. We will not forget the more modern food and the famous Kamnik food products and inns. Try us.

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Virtual Museum

With one click you can enter the Intermunicipal Museum Kamnik, visit its exhibitions in various locations. You will learn details about museum objects, museum work, artists, among other things, you can also watch short films.

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