NEW - Geocaching hunt Maister on His Way

Published: 24.11.2022

On Rudolf Maister’s Day, November 23, 2022, we presented a new thematic geocaching hunt Maister on His Way in Rudolf Maister’s Birthplace, which was created in cooperation with 15 Slovenian museums, archives, galleries, libraries, societies and the Slovenian Geocaching Club.

It was presented by the director of the Intermunicipal museum Kamnik, Zora Torkar, colleague and member of the Slovenian Geocaching Club, Gregor Podkrižnik, and the editor-in-chief and co-author of the texts and selection of photos, Alenka Juvan.

Maister on His Way is a thematically conceived geocaching hunt, the theoretical basis of which is Maister’s virtual journey: The treasures are placed in the form of individual stations in the locations from the map of Maister’s virtual path: in Ptuj, Trebnje, Kostanjevica na Krki, Kamnik, Mengeš, Kranj, Ljubljana, Unec pri Rakeku, Snežnik Castle, Celje, Maribor, Dravograd, Libeliče and Zavrh v Slovenskih goricah. You can discover Maister’s tracks and treasures outdoors, in museums, libraries, and perhaps in some other places that you would never have thought you would.

You can start Maister’s journey at any station and also continue it at any other, the order is not important. On this journey, you will discover who the general and poet Rudolf Maister was and how important a role he played in the history of the Slovenians. Just two more points: did you know that Maister drew new borders on the map of Europe after World War I, also known as the Great War; did you know that Maister laid the foundations of today’s Slovenian state?!

The main purpose of this new joint project is to spread interest in Maister’s heritage among individual visitors, families and young, domestic and foreign tourists in a different way, and it is definitely a contribution to the tourist offer.

Expert committee: mag. Zora Torkar, Alenka Juvan (MMK); Renny Rovšnik, M.Sc. Jože Podpečnik (NMS); dr. Vlasta Stavbar (UKM); M.Sc. Marijan Rupert (NUK); dr. Dragan Matić (ARS), Ph.D. Marko Štepec (MNZS); M.Sc. Zvezdan Markovič (Military Museum of the SV)

Participating institutions: Arhiv Republike SlovenijeDolenjski muzej Novo mestoGalerija Božidar Jakac, Kostanjevica na Krki, družina Maister, Koroški pokrajinski muzejGorenjski muzejMedobčinski muzej KamnikMuzej novejše zgodovine Slovenije I National Museum of Contemporary HistoryNarodni muzej Slovenije / National Museum of SloveniaNarodna in univerzitetna knjižnicaPokrajinski arhiv Maribor / Regional Archives MariborMuzej novejše zgodovine CeljePokrajinski muzej MariborUniverzitetna knjižnica Maribor, Vojaški muzej Slovenske vojske, Zgodovinski arhiv na PtujuPokrajinski muzej Ptuj Ormož, Turistično društvo Zavrh v Slovenskih goricah

Logo design: Ciril Horjak

Translation: Jon Derganc

Professional advice and placement of treasures: members of the Slovenian Geocaching Club – Gregor Podkrižnik and Roman Rešek and other volunteers.

A shortcut to the list of published treasures is at

The hunt begins.