History of Jefačnik's Homestead

Jefačnik’s Homestead has been a cultural monument of local importance since 2008. This was the location where Ivan Hribar was born, the mayor of Ljubljana who left a lasting impression on the city, but new owners rebuilt the house at the end of the 19th century. Its last owners were the Podgoršek family from whom the Municipality of Trzin bought the homestead and completely renovated it in 2011–2013. Today, the outhouse serves the social needs of associations and museum activities, and it is also used for social gatherings of the people of Trzin.

Jefačnik’s Homestead is located at Jemčeva cesta, in the old part of Trzin. Here certain characteristics of the former, primarily agrarian landscape are still preserved. Along the roadside we can still admire homesteads from the end of the 19th and the first half of the 20th centuries, amongst them the historically protected Šuštarčkova domačija, as well as sacral architecture, such as the church of St Florian with the priest’s house, chapels and symbols close to the road. The old part reaches from the eastern foothills of Onger Hill (378m) to the plain of Trzinsko polje. This part includes the headquarters of the municipality, the Trzin primary school, KUD Trzin Hall, Ivan Hribar Centre, the fire station, and some restaurants with a long tradition.