Young Slovenes in Austria on the Centenary of the Carinthian Plebiscite (1920/2020)

Published: 23.10.2020

The Slovenian and Austrian sides paid a lot of attention to this year’s centenary of the plebiscite in various media and at various events; especially in the direction of non-conflict and the search for coexistence.
The main event commemorating the Carinthian plebiscite, which of course means a celebration for Austria (as Dr. Marjan Sturm, a member of the so-called consensus group, said in the Večer newspaper), was the joint event Carinthia 2020 – Ein Land sagt ja on October 10, 2020 in Klagenfurt. Slovene students in Austrian Carinthia have a stronger opinion about it, the attitude of the state of Austria and the majority nation towards Slovenes in Austrian Carinthia than official Austrian politics, most Slovene organizations in Carinthia and also the policy of the home country. In addition to drawing attention to the injustices that are still happening to Slovenian Carinthians through demonstrations and manifestations, they also published an interesting brochure entitled Our everything is rebellion.

As we had to cancel the round table Carinthian plebiscite 1920 at Maister’s birthplace due to the coronation situation: yesterday, today, tomorrow, to which we also invited student representatives, we are publishing this short video with their clear views and demands regarding the Slovene minority in Austria. The video features: Andi Smrtnik, Simon Rustia, Lena Kolter, Alex Smolnik, Lara Hobel, Dorian Urank, Janina Opetnik, Ana Einspieler, Rok Selan, Helena Reichmann, Roman Petek, Izidor Sturm, Kristina Kragelj, Katarina Pasterk and Felizian Ibounig.