Where to go on hot summer days?

Published: 28.06.2021

TO THE MUSEUM – behind thick walls, in pleasantly cold rooms, you will find an abundance of interesting exhibitions, the past and heritage of our places, the stories of people, their achievements, surpluses…

IN THE MOUNTAINS – along the Gorenjska museum – mountain transversal. If you collect 23 stamps from the guide, which you receive free of charge when you buy a joint ticket, and the stamps of all six museums operating in Gorenjska, take part in prize games and compete for the main prize of the Veriga Lesce. Geocachers are also welcome! We hid 6 treasures for you on six “museum hills” and prepared six boxes in the museum receptions.

At the museum receptions you can get joint tickets to the Incredible Mountains and a guide to the Gorenjska Museum-Mountain Transversal at extremely low prices. The project has been extended until canceled. Participating museums are marked on the joint ticket.

Ticket prices:

– family € 19.00

– adults 9 €

– youth and pensioners 6 €

You are kindly invited!