Torila, wood, 20th century

Published: 18.04.2019

Torila are wooden round dishes for draining cheese. They were made of one piece of wood (maple, pear, black hornbeam, etc.), extruded or exfoliated with slightly outwardly inclined edges. At the bottom there are various symbols in addition to the holes for draining the liquid, such as the crosses, rosette, heart, grooves, etc., which gave the cheese a special shape. After the Second World War, simpler wooden dishes of square shape were made, folded out of the straps. These are wooden dishes that were produced in villages under Velika planina or on Velika planina themselves.
In the Vlasto Kopač collection, which is kept in the Intermunicipal Museum Kamnik, there are 13 wooden dishes, of which one is a pair (the upper and lower parts), which were made before the Second World War.