The rumbler bell, Bronze, 13th to 16th Century, Kamnik - Mali grad

Published: 27.12.2018

The rumbler bell is an object intended for making sounds, similar to a small bell. Most common in the High Middle Ages were round tin rumbler bells with a diameter ranging between 1.5 and 3.5 centimetres, which corresponds to the Mali grad example.
Round tin rumbler bells were usually manufactured from four parts: two tin hemispheres, a loop and a small ball. The hemispheres were twisted towards the outside and the rims produced by this were usually soldered. The lower hemisphere had a narrow slot that ended with round holes sawed in.

More in: Benjamin Štular, Mali grad: visokosrednjeveški grad v Kamniku. Opera instituti archaeologici Sloveniae 15, Ljubljana 2009, 114.