The Last supper, unknown painter, first half of the 17th century, oil on canvas

Published: 10.10.2018

The picture is painted with a strong contrast of illuminated parts and a dark background. Christ does not sit in the middle, but is slightly shifted towards the left. It is depicted at the moment when he offered the apostle a broken piece of bread. The apostles are also not so flexible, but their faces are genreally felt. By the way of painting, the unknown author approaches the Caravaggio Bologna and Genoa painting. The picture may have never been finished. A powerful chiaroscurro resembles the Genovian painter Luca Campobassi.
According to the collector Josip N. Sadnikar, the picture of the Last Supper was decorated walls in a monastery dining room at the then Gothic Franciscan monastery in Kamnik. It probably arrived at the re-settlement of the monastery in 1627.