Take a walk along the path of the great General Maister

Published: 01.11.2021

Maister’s path

was created in addition to the huge share of the Maister family, 15 Slovenian museums, archives and libraries co-created.

Project leader: mag. Zora Torkar, coordinators Alenka Juvan and mag. Jože Podpečnik, expert committee: mag. Zora Torkar, Alenka Juvan (MMK); Renny Rovšnik, M.Sc. Jože Podpečnik (NMS); dr. Vlasta Stavbar (UKM); mag. Marijan Rupert (NUK); dr. Dragan Matić (ARS), Ph.D. Marko Štepec (MNZS); mag. Zvezdan Markovic (Military Museum of the SAF).

You are invited to take a walk around the cities and towns that are in one way or another connected with one of the greatest Slovenes in our history: