Stone axes, various locations, 4.-3. millennium BC

Published: 06.03.2023

Common finds from the Late Stone and Copper Ages are stone axes. Such axes were still in use in the Bronze Age. A considerable number of them have been found in Slovenia. The axes in our collection were found randomly. In the photo, most are from Sadnikar’s collection and unknown locations (three on the right). The two below were found in the river bed of Kamniška Bistrica near Bonač factory. In 1933, students Jože and Anton Kralj from Jarše 25 found them. These two tools were also in Sadnikar’s collection. The second, on the upper left is from Stolnik. In August 1969, Janez Krivic found it on his field in Stolnik. Beneath this one is an ax from Mali grad, which together with other remains proves that man was present at Mali grad since the Younger Stone Age (4700 BC) onwards.

Axes were used for cutting wood, building, cultivating the soil, also as hammers, weapons and the like.