Stigmatization of St Francis

Published: 10.10.2018

Relief, linden wood, polychromacy destroyed, 90th of the 15th century.

Relief The stigmatization of St. Francis was part of a former lateral Gothic altar from the clergy church in Mekinje near Kamnik. After the mediation of the painter Miha Maleš he moved to Sadnikar's collection from which he bought the museum. It was made by a home sculptor who knew the Italian scheme of depictions and expressed it with a completely northern painting.


Only St. Francis and his brother Leo survived from the relief. We must imagine it as a part of missing relief works (Seraphina Christ, etc.) and probably only with a painted background. Relief was created as part of the new altar Gothic equipment, built after the severe Turkish devastation in 1472 in the monastery St. Claire in Mekinje.

The preserved relief is also one of the rare examples of depicting this theme in fine arts, especially in sculpture, and only because of this it deserves a honorable place among the Gothic plastics in Slovenia.