Roman diches and accessories

Published: 14.07.2022

Amphoras are an indispensable transport . Without them, there would be no sauces, oils, or even wine in ancient cuisine. Cereals and water were also stored in them. In the kitchen, pots, tripods, pans, mortars and cookers are indispensable. Large storage s (dolium) were used to store food (especially cereals). On the dining table of the rich, a sigilate dish was obligatory – a special red sealed pottery, with a beautiful appliqué decoration. From finely refined clay are made thin-walled s that serve as glass or cups. Their stalls are brittle and thin as an eggshell. Glass or clay jugs, glasses, bowls were used for serving wine and drinking. The plates were sigilate, ceramic or. glass; as well as bowls in which food was prepared, stored, or served.

Fine sigilate tableware is imported from central and northern Italy. Some of the vessels are imported from other Mediterranean provinces, later also from Africa. Glass and glassware also come to our places from Italy and the Rhineland. Soon, the glassmaking craft also developed in our country (Emona, Celeja, Poetovija).

They ate sliced ​​food on the table. They usually ate by hand, only soups with a spoon. Shallow ceramic plates are common in many sites. They were used for baking thin dough topped with sauce (pizza predecessors).

Source: Plesničar Gec, L. in B. Kuhar, Emona in rimska kuhinja. Apicijevi recepti za današnjo rabo, Ljubljana 1996