Relief with an angel carrying a coat of arms, around 1490

Published: 05.11.2018

In the already known written documents, the citizens of Kamnik were mentioned for the first time in 1229. An important turning point in the city self-government was the year 1489, when Emperor Friderik III. allowed the Kamnik citizens free election of city judges.

After the issue of privilege in 1489, the town of Kamnik wanted to thank the Emperor’s House with a relief. There are four coats of arms on the panel: at the top of the imperial emblem of the Roman-German emperor, which was almost all the period from the 15th to the beginning of the 19th century in the Habsburg dynasty and beside it the coat of arms of the Habsburg governing house as an Austrian coat of arms. Below them are depicted first on our right emblem of the Duke of Carniola, and then the coat of arms of the city of Kamnik, where it is depicted by St. Margaret.

Relief is the work of a stonemason workshop from around 1490, which also built several churches and palaces in Kamnik and its surroundings, and elsewhere in Slovenia.