Pilgrimage with St. Anne, middle of the 18th century.

Published: 24.02.2020

Pilgrimage with St. Anne and the churches in Tunjice, Komenda, Mekinje, St. Primus above Kamnik, Stari grad (Old Castle), Križ, middle of the 18th century.

In the middle of the 18th century, in parish in Komenda worked Peter Pavel Glavar, an ardent spiritual shepherd, a cultural worker, teacher and benefactor of the Slovene people. He was a great worshiper of St. Anne, Mary’s mother. By building a church in Tunjice, he wanted to erect a monument to his mother as well. In 1762 he tore down the original church. It was too small because of the large number of pilgrims. What this church was like can be seen on the copper-cut pilgrimage image showing Komenda and all the major surrounding churches and castles. In four years, the beauty that we admire today was created.