New exhibition Stories of museum objects

Published: 24.02.2021

In 2021, the Intermunicipal Museum Kamnik is celebrating its 60th anniversary. Otherwise, the first idea of establishing a museum in Kamnik appeared in 1954, with measures to protect Sadnikar’s collection. In fact, the museum was founded in 1961.

The first in a series of exhibitions on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of MMK is the exhibition Stories of Museum Objects, which is presented on outdoor panels in the pedestrian zone on Šutna. Experts have prepared a selection of interesting objects from various collections that tell their lives through the story.

The museum object is the heart of every museum. It can be seemingly uninteresting, it can be dazzling and colourful – each of them is invaluable to us, because each of them hides a story about the life, work, creativity of our ancestors, more or less famous. We keep close to 25,000 museum objects in our collections. In front of you are only the chosen ones. You can see these objects and much more at our permanent and occasional exhibitions.

You are invited to visit from March 4, 2021.