New - educational games Marsh Tulip and other natural heritage

Published: 16.09.2021

Test your knowledge. We have prepared computer games for you, which are intended primarily for schoolchildren. They are divided according to difficulty, according to school triads. The materials collected in PDF help you. Educational games can be found here:

We will award prizes to the most successful players twice a year. The prizes will be awarded to the top three. The results on 20 June and 20 December will be taken into account. Send your information to: with the note: game Žerjavček. You will then be notified of the prize via email.

For the first-place winners from the 1st triad, three book prizes will be awarded, for the 2nd and 3rd triads, a tour of Jefačnik’s homestead will be organized or walk along the Onger educational trail, and the absolute winners will visit the Intermunicipal Museum Kamnik.

You are invited to solve tasks and learn about the natural heritage in the municipality of Trzin.