Men's seal ring, middle of the 4th century

Published: 26.09.2018

Men’s seal ring, cast iron with silver tile, middle of the 4th century

The iron seal ring of a senior Roman military person with a portrait engraving on the embroidered silver plaque and the inscription ABVNDANTI represents an exceptional piece of jewellery from the middle of the 4th century.

The inscription ABVNDANTI is the genome of the cognomen Abundantius. The portrait depicts a man in profile, with a rather lush hairstyle, done in Armor, and worn in a coat that is clogged with a fibula on his right shoulder.

The shape of the ring, the Christian name of the man, and above all his t. i. Constantine’s state-owned hairstyle, dated the ring in the middle of the 4th century, during the Magnentius’s march to nowadays Slovene territory, during the battle between Magnentius and Constantius, in the summer of 351, at Atrans (now Trojane).