Maks Koželj, Mountains with sheep and a sign, around 1935

Published: 01.03.2021

Maks Koželj (1883–1956) came from a family of painters from Kamnik. In addition to him, his father Matija Koželj and his older brother Anton also painted. There are few authors whose extensive oeuvre speaks with such love for the mountains and with the knowledge and realistic depiction of all the painted views of the mighty peaks, which the painter, like Marko Pernhart before him, also walked. His many depictions of the town of Kamnik and the magnificent Grintovci can be found in excellent watercolours and in the oil technique; always in a rich colour scale, in search of always new light (the closest to it was the mountain landscape, illuminated by the morning sun or in the evening radiance) and picturesque motifs.