Jugs, pottery, 1st century A.D., Suhadole

Published: 21.10.2020

In 2000 Miran Bremšak informed us that they found a Roman well while building their house. Amongst other objects, the well also contained jugs and several fragments that belonged to jugs and other types of pots.

The jugs have two handles and were most likely made on the same pottery spindle. They are between 24 and 28 cm high and can uphold from 1.7 to 2.5 litres of liquid. They were primarily used for pouring off the water that had been hoisted from the well. Similar jugs were found on other antique archaeological sites, such as Mengeš, Emona (Ljubljana), Karnium (Kranj), Celeia (Celje) and elsewhere.

More in: Jana Horvat, Dekle je po vodo šlo … Rimski vodnjak iz Suhadol, Kamnik, 2006.