A few more interesting things about the ancient Roman world

Published: 30.08.2022
  • During bacchanalia (celebrations in honour of the god Bacchus or riotous revelry), men lay down, while women generally sat on chairs.
  • Traces of ancient Roman cuisine can still be found in our country, and even more so in Dalmatia.
  • The Romans prepared food in a room they called “culina”, hence our modern name kitchen.
  • The Romans knew forks; but they ate mostly with spoons, knives and chopsticks made of wood, metal or bone. They preferred to scoop up the food with their fingers, which they washed in scented water while eating.
  • Passionate eaters often didn’t even know what they were actually eating, as the ancient Roman kitchen knew many spices and sauces that completely covered the basic ingredients.
  • Ubi allium, ibi Roma“, where there is the scent of garlic, there is Rome! This common saying showed how garlic was a precious bulb already in ancient Rome, considered the sacred plant of the god of war, Mars. Even the legionnaires used to eat it before the fighting for its reinvigorating