Inn Planinka

Published: 27.11.2020

Who doesn’t remember the Planinka inn in the very center of Kamnik. Before the WW II, this was, since the end of the 19th century, the Kenda inn, but after the war, the inn was nationalized and the Planinka inn was created, in which Nace Pivk played a decisive role. The inn was known for its good cuisine / who doesn’t remember the trout aquarium /, it became the center of Kamnik’s social life. It is said to be named after the Kamnik Mountaineering Association, which was founded in 1893 on its premises.

After a successful and less successful operation, the inn closed around 2000. In 2010, the new owner thoroughly renovated the house. During the renovation, stone arches from the 15th century, which had been under plaster for centuries, were revealed, as well as the equipment of the famous hunting room and the “bunker” from 1956. Another attempt to revive the hospitality was made in mid-December 2011, when opened the Planinka café, but this one did not come to life either.

Prepared by: Zora Torkar