In preparation: History of Zaprice Manor in Kamnik

Published: 21.12.2021

An exhibition and catalogue about the Zaprice Manor in Kamnik, or as it is better known to the people of Kamnik – Zaprice Castle in Kamnik, is also being prepared. Dr. Igor Sapač wrote about the building development of Zaprice from the 14th century onwards, with his colleague mag. Sanja Špindler also made digital three-dimensional models and a video. Mag. Zora Torkar wrote about life behind the castle walls in the 19th and 20th centuries, from the last owners of the Schneid-Rechbach, famous holidaymakers  who visited Zaprice until the post-war events and the creation of the museum.

We will have a presentation of the history of Zaprice and building development at the January museum evening, where our guest will be dr. Igor Sapač, architect, art historian and castelologist.