Franc Pustovrh (Pustavrh), Sela near Kamnik, watercolour, 1863

Published: 25.02.2019

The characteristic romantic outline depicts the provincial motif from Sela near Kamnik. At the heart of the motif is a parish church with a bell tower and two buildings (parish) from the north side. In the foreground there is a coloured darker, slightly raised part, from which we see the church on the hill, while in the upper part with clouds and blue illuminated sky.
The painter painted a newly built church; therefore, we conclude that the painting could only have been created in the years 1860-71, during the beginning of the renovation of the church and the death of a painter in 1871, who had been a pastor in the village since 1867.
Franc Pustovrh (1827-1871) was a priest who also enjoyed in painting. At work, he observed the Slovene painters Matevž Langus and Pavel Kühnl, studied with Ivan Franke. As a painter, he mainly painted churches and saints, and painted in various techniques, especially in oil technique and watercolour. Among other things, we also know his oil depictions of the old Baroque, during the last war destroyed parish church in Šmartno in Tuhinj valley.