Final act of the charity auction of art works

Published: 12.10.2023

On Wednesday, October 11, 2023, in the Miha Maleš Gallery, the representatives of the organizers – the initiator of the campaign, Saša Bučan from the Intermunicipal museum Kamnik, and the representative of the co-organizers, Matevž Bergant – the president of the Kamnik Lions Club, symbolically handed over the proceeds of the charity auction – 10,150 euros to the president of the Kamnik Mountain Rescue Service – Jernej Lanišek.

Both the organizers and the recipients of the donation expressed their satisfaction with the successful campaign, in which many artists participated, among them, of course, Kamnik. They donated 90 works and thus with their creation contributed at least a little to the restoration of damage after the catastrophic floods in Kamnik.

In the photo:

From left to right: Matevž Bergant, Jernej Lanišek and Saša Bučan. Photo by MMK.