View in the View Gallery - 5 years of the View Gallery 2017-2021

Gallery Miha Maleš
When: from 02.06.2023, 19:00 to 20.10.2023, 18:00

In the autumn of 2016, the possibility arose to open a new space on the second floor of the Miha Maleš gallery in the center of Kamnik, which will be dedicated to contemporary artistic creation. In the View gallery, both completely fresh, young artists exhibited, as well as those who, on their way to their late years, managed to preserve a youthful view of the world and events and, above all, a modern artistic expression.

After the first year of operation, the annual Modernity project was also accepted and supported by the Municipality of Kamnik and the Ministry of Culture, which gave us additional encouragement and confirmation that we are on the right path. The time of the corona virus and mass restrictions on movement also introduced short presentation videos into our presentation (actually out of necessity, so that the events would not remain hidden from the eyes of the audience), which are equipped with original music by the designer Vladimir Ristić, who, in addition to the video, preserves and develops the visual image our galleries with personal leaflets and posters.

Every year, many applications from authors arrive for our call, but they increase year by year, and so slowly the small exhibition space of the View gallery is gaining its place among the giants, which includes such young contemporary artists (for many of whom the exhibition at the View gallery was the first a step and a ticket to the Slovenian art scene) as well as already established Slovenian artists with their more intimate stories, for whom the gallery space suits them precisely because of this.

The first five-year anniversary is behind us, and so at the group exhibition View 5 years, as many as 29 Slovenian artists are presented, with recognizable artistic stories, unique to each individual, who together with us created the path of the View gallery – the Kamnik exhibition space, which has been enriching Kamnik since autumn 2016. and the broader Slovenian art space.

(from the exhibition catalog of the author and exhibition curator Saša Bučan)


Painting (M. Sterle, K. Klimt, B. Demšar, B. Plesničar, M. Šuštar, M. Kavčič, M. Šubic, B. Carniollus, M. Sekulič Fo, A. Pavlovec, Ž. Vrezec, G. Pratneker , M. Borovničar, P. Kolenko),

Sculpture (T. Bregar, N. Koželj, T. Curk Sorta, U. Toman)

Graphics (O. Pilić, A. Košar, K. Sorta, A. Hribar Lemovec, M. Eric),

Comics (M. Ramoveš, K. Kovse),

Illustration (P. Lovšin)

Photo (A. Š. Kralj, J. Bizjak, K. Bogataj).