Traces of Trzin past

Jefačnik’s Homestead
When: For indefinite time
THE FLOOD, in August 2023, DESTROYED THE EXHIBITION IN Jefačnik's homestead in Trzin. The house is CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC until further notice.
The permanent exhibition of the Inter-municipal Museum Kamnik, Traces of Trzin Past displays the settlement of the Trzin territory from the earliest settlements until today. The life of the past millennia is revealed to us through archaeological finds from the oldest settlement at Onger in the time of the New Stone Age (4500 to 3700 BC), the charter including the first written record of Trzin from May 15th 1273, the nearby castles and rural life connected to them, the Turkish raids and the presentation of the people of Trzin as seen by the famous polymath Janez V. Valvazor. 

From the 19th century, such events are featured here as the battle between the Austrians and the French in 1813, the proliferation of brigands, and the arrival of the railroad in 1891. During the First World War, a military airstrip was located in Trzin in 1917, from where German planes took off towards the Isonzo front. In the time between the two wars, activities of various associations were on the rise, while after the Second World War the period of reconstruction, collectivisation, and modernisation began. In the Slovenian Independence War in 1991, Trzin was the location of one of the most important battles between the Yugoslav People’s Army and the Slovenian Territorial Defence. Trzin became an independent municipality in 1998.