Satya Pene: Logging

Gallery View
When: from 28.09.2022, 18:00 to 30.10.2022, 18:00

Satya Pene (1995, Ljubljana) completed her studies in art pedagogy at the Faculty of Education in Ljubljana in 2020. Her field is ceramics, which she finally took over during a study exchange in Linz (Kunstuniversität Linz, Austria), where she also encountered porcelain (Prof. Ingrid Smolle). She primarily researches the relationships of space and the relationships that take place in it, and analyses relationships in nature, the environment and society. Although she primarily deals with ceramics, always tries to go beyond the limits of classical sculpture. She is currently in post-graduate studies at ALUO in Ljubljana, where she continues her research in the field of ceramics.

As the curator of the exhibition, Saša Bučan, wrote: “...Satya Pene is involved in ceramics in her artistic work, which she explores, both the material itself and, of course, the possibilities that the material itself offers, or the way to translate her ideas through ceramics into tangible image. Satya has devoted herself to ceramics for many years, and during this time, from the very beginning, she was accompanied by the question, or above all, the research of the connection of the object with its surroundings, with its attachment and life in a certain space. It is the placement in the space in the artist’s work that more and more revives and gives meaning to a certain ceramic object.

In the last project, which began to take shape already last year, Satya, in order to realize her ideas, stepped into the most basic form with which everything in ceramics began – the typical ceramic “snake”. Fresh ceramic snakes proliferate, twist, entwine on the floor of the gallery space, sometimes “climb” and continue their rhythm even on the walls. The project is in constant development and we are the author’s assistants, as well as those who wonder if we can even start work. Shall we destroy it? But this is exactly what the author expects from us – to merge with the material, to intervene in it with our own record and together with Time create the new, the old, and the beginning remains as a record of the moment, of conception on the cyanotypes on the gallery walls.”