Polona Lovšin - Illustrations

Gallery View
When: from 20.04.2020, 10:00 to 08.08.2020, 18:00

In 2020, we present the illustrator Polona Lovšin (1973) in two locations, in her home town Trzin, where the author’s work will be presented with exhibition and at the View Gallery in Kamnik, where the author’s original illustrations and book editions of picture books will be displayed:

  • Ivan Hribar Center, Ljubljanska 12 f, Trzin (from 28 May)
  • Pogled Gallery, Glavni trg 2, Kamnik (from 28 May to 8 August).

A catalogue of designer Vladimir Ristić with text by Sasa Bučan is also being prepared for this occasion.

For an introduction, we present you Polona Lovšin and her illustrations at the following web presentation:


Polona Lovšin started working on children’s illustrations, which she initially published in magazines and textbooks, in 1999, and a year later graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana with a degree in painting (Prof. G. Gnamuš). For the illustrations of the picture book Bobek and barčica, she was nominated as an original Slovenian picture book in 2004, and two years later she was also awarded the Illustrations of the picture book for dyslexics Medo reši vsako zmedo. Lovšin also collaborates with foreign publishers Pan Macmillan, Penguin Books and Templar Publishing and exhibits at home and abroad. Her work is presented at the Book Fair (every year in Ljubljana), the Book Fair in Bologna, at the Biennial of Illustration in Japan and Bratislava. In 2004, the original Slovenian picture book for the illustrations in the Bobek and barčica picture book was nominated, and in 2006 the original Slovenian picture book for the illustrations in the picture book Medo reši vsako zmedo.