Petja Kolenko - Recycled

Gallery View
When: from 16.12.2021, 10:00 to 20.02.2022, 18:00

Petja Kolenko (1994) completed her master’s degree in art pedagogy in 2021 under the mentorship of Zora Stančič at the Faculty of Education in Ljubljana.

In recent years, she has been intensively involved in the recycling of waste plastics, which she treats with a special technique of heat-treated recycled collage. Layers of different plastic materials are joined using heat, which is technically carried out using an iron.

Petja Kolenko is inspiring also with the music, so the artwork is always complemented by pieces of lyrics from individual songs. It is therefore a peculiar intertwining of music and image, which draws us in with its form as well as its screaming colour. Through her works, we follow the author’s fragments from everyday life, excerpts from individual experiences, experiences and feelings, which she most often presents in a fun and humorous way.

Petja Kolenko is active in many fields of culture and art, conducts creative art workshops, is engaged in graphic design and currently works as a collaborator of the renowned independent music label Dallas Records. So far, she has presented her art production at numerous group and solo exhibitions both at home and abroad. She lives and works in Ljutomer.

The exhibition will be on view from December 16, 2021 to February 20, 2022.