Our Borders. Battle for the northern border and Maister's fighters from Kamnik-Domžale region.

When: from 01.08.2020, 00:00 to 04.08.2020, 00:00

In the battles for the northern border, especially from 1918 to 1919, and even later until the plebiscite in Carinthia in 1920, the boys and men from the former municipalities of Kamnik and Domžale and all the surrounding villages were involved. Most of them were on the fronts of the Great War (1914-1918), often on the Front at Soča river or on the eastern front in Galicia; some even on both. Then, after the war ended, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, of which we were part until 1918, lost, as volunteers, they went to help to Slovene general Maister for the battles for Maribor, southern Styria and Carinthia.