Mojca Fo: The red dot

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When: from 24.10.2019, 19:00 to 06.12.2019, 18:00

Mojca Sekulič Fo presents herself with pictures this time, moving away from her characteristic tiny illustrations, while still remaining true to herself and to her inner world, which penetrates light through the visual artwork.

She writes about her creation:

“Stories and sub-stories, big worlds of the subconscious compressed to a small surface.

Again, the worlds of the subconscious, constellations scattered across the surfaces of large canvases.

As if, regardless of individual painting or collection, even in different styles, a wave of the same sea would want to capture everything I wanted and as an artist, I would have to collapse into images that appear mystically irresistible under my fingers.

I really like to notice the small details. Wonderful transitions of colours, shapes, sharp rendering of shadows. In other words, I write the wind, the flushed skin of emotions, the inner voices that speak and perceive phenomena I do not understand.

From here, I have always been looking for points, connecting them into constellations of stars on canvases, into constellations of connections between hearts. Here, I found, it all starts and ends far somewhere – in subplots.

Fairy tales and confessions on canvases are deep, archetypically anchored in the flesh and blood of the human subconscious.

Each word finds its strong foothold in relation to the whole sentence. Form in relation to colours, essence in relation to soul. And individual constellations in relation to large constellations, in space and far beyond. I’m here. ”

Mojca Sekulič Fo (1969) was born in Ljubljana. She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture with a degree in design, she has completed various courses in the field of art, and she has passed pedagogical-andragogical exams at the Faculty of Philosophy. She has been involved in the visualization and design of furniture, and in recent years she has focused mainly on painting and illustration and graphic design. In 2008, the Lenzing factory in Austria invited her to do business. For her, according to a story by Austrian writer Folke Tegtthoff, she illustrated The Botanic Book, A Fairytale of Nature. A presentation with a spectacle for business partners took place at the Botanical Garden in Paris. In 2009, she received the Grand Prix on the Piran ExTempora. She has participated in more than 30 group and solo exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad.