Mateja Kavčič - Colorful

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When: from 17.05.2018, 00:00 to 11.06.2018, 00:00

… Detail landscapes, cuttings from individual parts of meadows, forests are constantly present in the visual arts of the painter Mateja Kavčič. It also connects naturally with the most basic form of the circle. The circle is the sun, the planet is earth, the moon; The circle is a universe that appears in Hinduism and Buddhism as a spiritual and ritual symbol. The circle in Mateja’s works is pleasing with countless precisely drawn pieces of leaves of individual plants, and with this cyclic rhythm, the natural cycles and laws that govern in nature are manifested by the constant birth and decay of everything connected with it. The circle is the life cycle of each of us, it is a soft form that we understand as a life that does not end with our end but continues in ever new life.
Artist has been discouraging from the color of the last period and is completely in the drawing, which she originally designed on the walls, where she acted like a forest and its rich undergrowth, after which the strollers swallowed an unseen that actually exists, lives around them, which is in the space clearly indicated by the introduction of grassy “ropes” that grew like snakes in the rooms and tried to challenge the individual with his silent scream in order to turn back to nature.
It does not select individual parts of the plant world, but on round canvases it presents cuttings of its famous forest paths, meadows of meadows, hiding places between the ferns. What was born on the walls, it turned into a recurring circle, and now it has already emerged from its typical circular canvases. This, with precision, with an almost botanical drawing, draws charcoal with charcoal-now, when the drama is no longer color, we are also awakened to care for the green world that should exist in each of us. But it is not just about concern, it is also an invitation to an individual who should know where and which paths he must choose in his own cycle of life, which should be managed and managed by nature itself. Bare, dead walls revive, transforms into a tapestry of green …