Maruša Šuštar - Above

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When: from 12.04.2018, 00:00 to 10.05.2018, 00:00

Painting Maruša Šuštar evolved from the initial complete abstraction into landscapes, inhabited by random passers-by. Where are these landscapes, where are your maps? Maruša us, with some visible lines that immediately direct us into thinking about detailed maps, tries to convince us that it is about real maps of different parts of the world to watch some air imagery that are, that exist and are known to us. It is known to us the area, we connect it with small scattered figures … known for the continuously imposed images that we see on the screens every day. But it’s not about the real worlds, for the real image of the event, for the mapping of the seen, for actually mimetic. In front of the canvas Maruša Šuštar we stand in the silence of an unspoilt, intangible space. Everything is happening in some soft essence, in which we step with the inexact steps, we join the tiny unknowns down there, we come from the sphere of God, who sees everything in the sphere of the unknown, we approach the co-man, the stranger, the mimic riddle.
… Pictures of Maruša Šuštar, on the one hand, arouse admiration for the entire width of the artist’s interior, which he expresses with an extremely aesthetically conveying of the materiality and on sophisticated built-up color plots, and at the same time, we are completely frozen, in some places frozen in a moment, in some instances, in a wild stamped miniature figures are also issued by our inner fears of finality, in time without time and space without space, where man will no longer have a role, but he will sink into sediments and maybe be born, pure and clear, with the joy of being and living .