Marsh tulip (“Žerjavček”) – Symbol of Trzin and important natural heritage in the municipality

Center Ivana Hribarja, Ljubljanska c. 12f, Trzin
When: from 14.09.2021, 17:00 to 20.10.2021, 12:00

The project is designed as an educational material that can be used for many years. It consists of: an exhibition, a pdf brochure and a computer application.

Our goals are sustainable management, protection and preservation of natural and cultural heritage. In order to be successful in achieving these goals, we need to be sufficiently aware, thoughtful and reasonable. We hope that the products of this project will contribute in the long run to achieving positive results in these areas.

The red thread of the project is a marsh tulip, which only the people of Trzin call a crane – žerjavček. Let’s explain the story of how, when and why it became a symbol of Trzin, where it grows, why it is endangered and what we need to do to preserve it for ourselves and for our descendants. We also briefly touch on other endangered and / or protected plants and animals that grow in the municipality.

The neatly designed brochure offers enjoyable reading, while also serving as a learning tool in which you will find answers to questions in two quizzes from a computer application.

In order to reach as wide a population as possible with the heritage message, we created a computer application. In it, the tasks are divided into three categories, according to the school triads: The 1st triad looks for habitats for the animals from the hill Onger, and looks for pairs of these animals in a memory game. The quiz and memory game for the 2nd triad is entirely dedicated to the marsh tulip, while the tasks for the 3rd triad are dedicated to the more important other natural heritage in the municipality. Competitors compete for encouragement and stimulation, the best three from each category and the absolute winners will be awarded twice a year.

Everyone who will test their knowledge in the application, first register (with a name or nickname). The first three from each category and absolute, on the day, 20.6. in 20.12. and then communicate your details to the museum website. We wish everyone plenty of fun in games and a lot of new knowledge, for the benefit of heritage and its protection.

The project was financially supported by the Municipality of Trzin. Text and idea: Janja Železnikar, Intermunicipal musuem Kamnik, cooperation with the Trzin Primary School, the Trzin Kindergarten and the collaborators: Maja Brozovič and Jure Slatner, we prepared an exhibition. The overall image of the project was given by Kaja Lipušček from the company CtrlArt d. o. o. The photographs were contributed by many photographers, nature conservationists, geographers – they are listed in the colophon, and the gentle illustrations are the work of Andreja Peklar.