Katja Bogataj: Caught in the global World

Gallery View
When: from 30.09.2020, 18:00 to 30.11.2020, 18:00

In 2015, Katja Bogataj completed her sculpture studies with an intermedia installation with Professor Alen Ožbolt at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. She is currently pursuing a postgraduate degree in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lisbon, Portugal. She lives and works in Žiri.

Katja Bogataj is a sculptor who tackles socially engaged content in her work. She does this with precision in realization, artistic sensibility, and commitment. Her set of expressive approaches is diverse, as are the techniques she uses at work. In addition to classical sculpture, where she designs metal sculptures by welding, she is also involved in photography, video installations, intermedia installations, costume design and dance.

The exhibition Caught in the global World is a series of twenty-two photographs that show male and female energy or female and male ways of fighting in the global world and at the same time illustrate the inner world and internal conflict of both sexes, male and female energy.

“In today’s world, there is unrest and gender disharmony, which is reflected in all areas. First and foremost, fighting with oneself and, above all, fighting with the system in which we are placed and which destroys the individual with progress and systematization,” writes the author of the photographs, Katja Bogataj.