Kamnik mountain rescue service - 100 years

grad Zaprice
When: from 05.10.2022, 18:00 to 16.09.2023, 00:00

The definition of museums states that museums are “permanent organizations in the service of society and its development. We are open to the public, we collect, keep, preserve, document, study, interpret, manage and exhibit heritage and provide information about it with the aim of developing awareness of heritage, spreading knowledge about its values ​​and enabling enjoyment of it.”

Our role is not only to preserve, but also to educate.

This is also why, in this jubilee year, when the Kamnik Mountain Rescue Service is celebrating the 100th anniversary of organized rescue in the mountains, we have joined the processes of honoring this great jubilee.

With the exhibition, which will adorn the walls of the side tract for quite some time, we want to draw attention to the long history of hiking in the mountains and the resulting rescue when people got into trouble. How the “official” rescue started, who were the brave Erjavešek brothers who marked the 50 years of operation of the Kamnik rescue station, how the rescue technique progressed and how the situation has changed in recent years due to the irresponsible behavior of individuals, groups or natural disasters, greatly changed and tightened. At the billboard exhibition, the most important events that contributed to the development and spread of organized rescue in the Kamnik area are described in a very condensed and brief manner.

With the exhibition, the museum staff also wanted to pay tribute to the work of selfless people, rescuers who put other people’s lives before their own.

On the anniversary of their operation, we hereby show our high respect and congratulate them.

There are people behind every action. Let’s behave respectfully and responsibly so that the rescuers have as little work as possible.



Occasional exhibition of the Intermunicipal Museum Kamnik and GRS Kamnik – Gorska reševalna služba Kamnik – 100 let, for: mag. Zora Torkar

Text and selection of photos: France Malešič and Janja Železnikar; Edited by: Janja Železnikar; Photos: from the archives of GRS Kamnik and the municipality of Kamnik, Simon Kurinčič, Matjaž Šerkezi, Irena Mušič Habjan, Vladimir Habjan, Boštjan Griljc; Proofreading: Ana Gruden; Design: Vladimir Ristić.