Jurij Bizjak - Halls

Gallery View
When: from 18.10.2018, 19:00 to 17.12.2018, 00:00

Bizjak’s photos are created in an urban setting. The interest of the author is both the urban environment and the individual within it. Photographs are cut out of details of urban social landscape and show details of modern life, marked by individual figures.
Photographing is directed by the author from a wide variety of perspectives. In this, it is not about displaying actual objects, the results of human activity, but for details in a more artistic sense, which become interesting only with isolation from a single whole. In urban areas he finds sections that convince him with his expression, texture, contrasts, repetitive patterns, composition. It is an extremely thin eye that does not choose the motive randomly, but when it finds it stops patiently and, as it finally reproduces, the image reproduces when the figure is accidentally infiltrated, a mimicry who, by his presence, explains and clarifies space as the work of human action. We could say that this is a new view that has remained romantic in its own way, but that, as modern times come, the master of everything is what he has created himself.
Jurij Bizjak in his photos of extracts from urban environments makes an almost minimalist image. The distinctive artistic effects, the purity of the compositions is dominated by it, the main role is often played by different geometric patterns in which at one time individuals who create space.
The exhibition will be open from October 18 to December 17, 2018.