Jur Samec - Urban basins

When: from 31.03.2023, 00:00 to 31.03.2033, 00:00

Urban natural scenography is the guiding principle in the latest cycle of works by the painter Jur Samec, who tries to talk about his own reflections on nature, with which he is trying to establish contact more and more, with Urban basins. At the same time, through a playful figurative language, he also comments and mildly critiques the conflicting duality between what man does in his increasing comfort to the very environment, which he would at the same time want to keep strong and healthy, but of course without any renunciation. As in the previous cycles, Jur Samec is also this time attached to the vertical construction of the painting, building it in vertical bands, where urban and urban elements pushed into the sky grow into the sky – buildings and plants, all turned and branching out into the sky. He creates isolated figures from individual artistic elements, skilfully connects them and assembles them into harmonious compositions until the moment when he achieves balance on the entire artistic surface.