Joyfull to Kamnik. Mostly sixties.

Zaprice Castle Museum and administration
When: from 17.06.2023, 19:30 to 15.09.2024, 18:00

The new temporary exhibition entitled Joyfull to Kamnik is dedicated to the stormy period of the sixties of the 20th century in Kamnik. We borrowed the title from the most popular song that sings of the beauty of the city and its surroundings.

The period of the 1960s includes a whole series of key events – from the socio-political transition from a soft dictatorship to a more relaxed period, which was also reflected in the everyday life of the people of Kamnik. They were able to come up with their own apartment – get a work apartment in the block or build their own house with favourable loans. The material situation and the social climate also improved, televisions and household appliances entered the apartments. Fashion has relaxed, also thanks to the legendary Kamnik creator Ivan Debevec. Rock and roll, or beat, as it was called at the time, entered Kamnik in a big way with the popular Kamnik band Kamniktiti. This decade was also marked by motorcycle road racing. Kamnik’s painters began their breakthrough, a museum was founded, some high-quality public sculptures were erected, and the city architect arranged a unified image of the city. You will be able to see all these and many other stories at the exhibition and read in the extensive and richly illustrated publication Joyfull to Kamnik, which was written together by all the employees of the Kamnik Museum.