Incredible mountains - Geocaching across Gorenjska museums and selected mountains

Zaprice Castle Museum and administration
When: from 22.05.2019, 19:00 to 01.10.2020, 20:00

The mountains connect all the museums in Gorenjska. There are many other countries connected with the mountains, but probably only Slovenes are marked with such a strong national identity. They represent a symbol of independence and encourage us to maintain the wider Alpine space.

Within the project, the Gorenjska museum-mountain transversal was established. A guide to the Gorenjska museum-mountain transversal leads us from the hill to the hill, and in the meantime, we will also visit all six museums in Gorenjska region. Upon your visit we will give you a stamp in the log, collected stamps and we will reward the solved tasks in the guide.

Incredible mountains also invite less “museum” visitors to go to Geocaching – The treasures will wait in museums and on the tops of the transversal. Museum treasures are available at selected exhibitions from May 30, 2019 at 11.00; treasures on the mountains will be installed after June 15, 2019. Visitors will be rewarded with tracers.

The joint ticket for the 6 museums includes the Guide to the Gorenjska museum – mountain transversal, which is also available independently for the price of € 5.00. When purchasing a common museum ticket at a price of 8,00 € you will receive a guide for free.

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