Carinthia (un) divided country - 100 years after the plebiscite

Rudolf Maister’s Birthplace
When: from 26.01.2022, 10:00 to 07.06.2022, 18:00

A century ago, with a plebiscite on 10 October 1920, Carinthia was divided into Yugoslav (now Slovene) and Austrian parts. In the area of ​​Carinthia, which came under Austria, Slovenes became a minority. Hopes for the promised prosperity and peaceful coexistence of the two nations in the young Austrian republic were soon dashed.

In addition to the historical background of plebiscite events, the exhibition shows the position of the Slovene national community in Carinthia today and key events in the decades after the plebiscite, which led to a dramatic decline in the Slovene-speaking population in Carinthia.

The historical part is presented in an educational film performed by the Koroški pokrajinski muzej in Slovenj Gradec.

The word and the picture show the current state of the Slovene national community in Carinthia. You can see and read about the contemporary work in Carinthia, Austria, on the exhibition panels prepared by: the SKUP civil initiative, the Club of Slovenian Students in Carinthia and the artist Karel Vouk.