Barbara Demšar - To the light

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When: from 09.11.2017, 00:00 to 11.12.2017, 00:00

»Magic symbols inhabited by the surface of a distant planet, the landscape of light, light and hot sand, somewhere where I rest with myself, where speechless voices speak, where I do not need any smile, no embrace, no whisper of the wind, where only what I want, to surround me, capture – this is the world of unspoiled, imaginary landscapes; landscapes that emerge when we peek into the sun and press our eyes and shed light on the various light of sunshine for centuries. “These are the landscapes of Barbara Demsar, a painter who, in fact, decided to walk and think the world at the beginning of her journey landscape. Perhaps a part of this interest came from the roots of the city from which he came – Škofja Loka, Slovenian Barbizon, where the landscape touched and breathed countless artistic hands. In the old theme of this landscape is something that drags artists to themselves to settle in them, and excludes from their thoughts the hook of cloth as always fresh content. At Barbar’s paintings we enter the worlds, which were initially strongly colored, buckets, where the symbols of ladders and the sun recorded the contents of the art, which from the first cycles further complement and confess. The red and yellow and ocher trees initially showed us the way through the ladders to those other open worlds, where warm stories open where there is enough light for each. At some point this light landscape interrupted the monochrome tide of the artist’s pallet, folded the canvas into boxes, stopped the light, and left only the countless ladders leading to the shadow of the new world, where there was no sun and light, where the symbols were lost and us the path led to the depths of some underground worlds, from which the author soon emerged as an eternal smile and blurred in the path she once outlined. There are again full-flared landscapes, full of symbols, small signs, and often a sign of infinity, like the infinite field of the world into which the artist entered.