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When: from 20.04.2017, 00:00 to 18.05.2017, 00:00

Arven Shakti Kralj Szomi is an artist who in some ways is characterized by duality – two names, two surnames, two countries, two professional areas and, last but not least, double images, doubles, diptychs. For her photographs to slip under her skin, there is no secret anymore, and in the last cycle, where the work links into meaningful totals, in stories, in harmonious pairs, this attachment to the view through the lens is still obvious. Photographs that can be created individually and could also be defended by each pair acting for the same harmony within both photographs of each pair become the ideal pair. Individual photos are actually an easy snap shot, what is now available to anyone with today’s technology at any time. Shakti records an intuitive, without a pre-prepared plan, everything that seems beautiful in color, shape or content, and then at some point connects two moments to the collage of a new story, where it seeks a balance between the content and the form with a completely artistic principle …