Andrej Perko - Magical darkness

When: from 15.02.2023, 18:00 to 15.02.2026, 18:00

“… Browsing through old, years and years of untouched footage, not so long ago, Andrej found an old footage from way back in 1972, when he took a lot of photos while visiting Mount Everest, but they were unusable due to overexposure and some flaws. They remained intact, but not discarded. The new era brought the possibility of digitizing the film, and thus those “defective” recordings became useful and, due to the distance in time, revealed even to the author himself the continuous red thread of his decades-long creation. Loyalty to fragmentation, extracting from a vague whole, the moment of black-and-white photography, framing methods, the desire to approximate the texture and the inherent aesthetics of the whole are the characteristics of the author’s photography, which appear as unchanging, eternal companions in almost every shot. The author’s photographs are actually true pictorialism, where the approach to the individual subject is in the direction of discovering and emphasizing beauty, tonality and composition, and nothing at all in revealing or documenting reality.” Curator Saša Bučan.